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Lifestyle Changes Reflected on the Scale

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

by Run Jodi

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ~ Virginia Woolf

Food combining: Another ‘diet’ OR the holy grail of answered dietary questions.

I don’t remember specific years for events. I almost forget my anniversary every year and I have to write down my husband's birthday. But the summer of 1993 will never be forgotten. It’s the summer I unintentionally lost 65 pounds and kept it off. I wasn’t sick and it was not planned. It just happened and it changed my life forever.

I’m naturally pretty ‘high energy’. I don’t do coffee or caffeine drinks and at a time when I needed to lose weight, the topic of energy came when I overheard a discussion about food combining at a fitness seminar. At the time I didn’t ask any questions or join in the conversation. Instead, I listened and then began my own bit of research. The topic was “more energy”and I thought, ‘yeah, I could do with more of that’ … I mean, can’t we all?

Proper food combining means combining and eating foods in a way that the body can completely and efficiently digest. It’s an act of kindness to your digestive system. You eat in a way that the body isn’t overtaxed and the body repays you with more energy which in turn leads to weight loss. I never deprived myself. I never went hungry. I never had to count calories or be concerned about portion control. The only ‘no’ is that you don’t overeat. I never feel dragged down by a meal.

My story:

I started by having only fruit in the morning and never having a protein and a carb in the same meal. I modified my diet to have less processed foods and all the veggies I wanted. It was so easy to do that I forgot I was doing it. The weight came off effortlessly.

As a school system employee, I was off for the summer. I started proper food combining at the end of a school year and when I went back no one recognized me. I lost more than 60 pounds in less than 10 weeks and never put it back on. That was the summer that my life and my body changed for good.

What to do and where to go:

A few tips:

Not a diet, a lifestyle… keep telling yourself that.

Always eat fruit on an empty stomach. (See guidelines in handout link A)

Carbs and Proteins should be eaten separately.

Reduce your sugar intake.

Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Fruits and veggies should be fresh or frozen, never canned.

Fats are ok in moderation.

Drink very little water with meals.

Less dairy. Less soda.

More sleep.

Handout Link A:

THIS IS MY FAVORITE handout.. I have copies printed and on me at all times to share:

Fit For Life-The Diamond Method: The entire book condensed to 6 pages.

Guidelines Video:

Food combining promotes good health ~ Video version:

Handout Link B:

Food combining guide:

Fit for Life ~ paperback

Be fit, be happy, be blessed.


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