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Are You Ready to Start Taking a Look Inside?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

by Run Jodi

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

I’m completely convinced that the world has gone crazy. I want to watch the news because I desire to be informed but the news can be inconsistent and frustrating, just like social media. As soon as you learn how to change the channel, turn the tv off and scroll past the madness, know that peace begins with you. Realize that collectively we can change the world, but it all has to start within and, for me, this has been my saving grace – Meditation.

Before you hit the X in the top corner, hear me out…

In the past, I heard the word and saw an image of myself sitting upright for an extended period of time. My first thought: ‘my neck and back are going to be bothering me after about 10 minutes’, other thoughts include my mind wandering or ‘how am I going to sit still for an extended period of time?’ So I was talking myself out of doing it before I actually even tried!

I know of people who meditate daily and can just turn the switch on and off – that’s not me. I’ve tried to get in the habit many times with not much success. And yet, it still kept calling me. In my yoga training, the subject comes up a lot and those that practice regularly rave about it.

But how to get started? If you’re like me, I’m not the type…and I don’t even know what that means, but I do know that I would benefit from it and I think most people would.

In a lot of ways, it’s like exercise, you have to choose the type that’s right for you. You have to find a time that works for your schedule. You have to have the right place as well, it could be as simple as your bed or a big closet or a corner in your office. I have a space set aside that is in front of a window. Being in that spot always brings me peace.

Next, If you’re a brand new meditator, begin with a ‘guided meditation’ and choose how much time you are able to set aside. I started with 10 minutes and I searched on YouTube for guided meditations that I felt were a good fit for me.

Here are a few examples that you can try…and they’re free. My favorites are bookmarked and I revisit them often:

Positive Energy 10 minute guided meditation

Keeping Positive 10 minute guided meditation

10 Minute Mindful Meditation

Apps can be customized for your individual needs. Below is the link to an article I found with recommendations for the best apps to date. Note: they all have free trial periods and then require monthly or yearly membership. I’ve also found that even the ones advertised as FREE have costs after a free trial period.

The Chopra Center (online and app version) offers a free 21 day mediation. The meditations are lead by Deepak Chopra. I love his voice. After you complete the 21 day guided mediation, you have the choice to purchase other packages.

Live meditation classes on sight are my favorite. There is nothing like going to a yoga studio and taking a live class focused on meditation. Of course there are others in the room which gives a slightly different experience than that of being alone, but the time and the space are controlled. In many ways it’s easier to stop the mind chatter or be distracted.

Check out your local studio. Most yoga studios offer some type of guided meditation. Baby steps, baby steps…..

May you find peace, stillness and health.

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