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It's Not a Competition

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

by Jodi

You change the world by being yourself. ~ Yoko Ono

The other day during a video meeting, I heard someone compliment my teacher, Guru Singh, by saying he was the best Kundalini teacher they’ve ever found. He graciously thanked them for their kindness then reminded us all that “it’s not a competition.” What a powerful statement!

Create From a Place of Joy

We do the things we’re meant to do for the joy, love and sense of purpose they bring us. If we held ourselves back out of fear of not measuring up then the world would lose out on that special something only we have to offer. Everyone learns from someone and those who teach and/or inspire us are living their life’s purpose. Our task is to use the knowledge they impart combined with our own approach and interpretation to grow into the person that we’re meant to be.

There's Room for Everyone

Once we start to figure out who we are and exactly what talents we bring to the world, the next step is to find our people. Not everyone appeals to every person. Whether we’re talking about business or our personal life, the fact is that being unique, beautiful beings means that we’ve got different tastes. The kind of products, services and companies who appeal to me might be utterly unappealing to you. Guess what - that’s GREAT news! Why? Because it means there’s a place for all of us be who we are and do what we do.

My husband and I run a fitness and yoga business and it’s always been our policy to offer the first class as a free trial. We do this to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone. We know that not everyone enjoys his sense of humor and my sarcasm (shocking - I know) so it’s better to figure that out from the start. When we see someone once and then never again, it’s okay. Those weren’t our people and we weren’t theirs.

Every "No" Makes Space for Another "Yes"

It’s impossible to be everything for everyone so instead of exhausting ourselves by trying, could we instead try finding joy in being exactly who we are? I know my people are out there looking for exactly what I have to offer them and so are yours. As a recovering people pleaser, I’ve had to work hard getting comfortable saying the word “no”. I’ve learned, though, that every “no” makes space for another “yes” and helps me to craft a life that I love. And reminding ourselves that there’s room for every one to do what makes their soul shine helps an awful lot too.


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