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Clearing the Clutter All Around Me

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

by Erika

When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration and 'good, orderly direction' to enter" ~ Julia Cameron

The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is make my bed. I've done this as soon as I was old enough to participate in chores, and always with the same routine. First, I pull the fitted sheet tight, making sure it's snug on all four corners. Next, I give it a wide sweep with a flat hand to make sure any wrinkles are smoothed out. Typically, I don't use flat sheets, so I move right to the top layer. I center my comforter from left to right, making sure each side of the bed has an equal length hanging down. Then I pull it down, so the top cover goes over the foot end of the bed, covering the mattress. The head of the bed is then perfected by pulling it tight and gently folding it down, with enough room for my pillows – whose covers are straightened before they are placed. The wide sweep is repeated – it's my favorite part of the ritual - removing any final wrinkles on the top layer.

Embracing the Ritual

Growing up, my friends would always complain about having to make their beds, but I never minded.

Much like making my bed, yoga helps me clear the clutter around me. It centers me on all four corners. I enjoy the wide sweeping movements that return my breath to me. It smooths out those sticking points that start to develop physically and mentally. The gentle folding makes me feel safe – like a hug, and the end of practice always helps me find the pillow in my mind – helps quiet everything for just a moment.

Redefining Your Space

Our lives are one big messy bed, from time to time. We all develop wrinkles and become uneven; uncentered. We run out of space for the pillows; we become uncomfortable. Our bodies start sticking in certain spots, and our minds move too fast to keep up. We begin to feel 'unmade'. Whether you make your bed, practice yoga, meditate or do it by some other means; clearing the clutter in our minds and our bodies from time to time is essential for self-care. When the space around us is cluttered and messy, our minds mimic our setting…and if all we do every day is make our bed in the morning, no matter how lost the day becomes, we have already accomplished something.

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