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There’s a Lot I Could Learn from My Dog

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

by Jodi

"If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am” ~ Charles Yu

Watching her the other day, I realized it - I could learn a lot from my dog. Besides modeling the most pure unconditional love, here's just a few of the other things she does so well:

Follow Your Instincts

She’s loud, opinionated and yet unapologetic. When she sees something she doesn’t like or is unsure about, she freely sounds the alarm even when it’s an inconvenient time. She doesn’t much like to be alone yet she’ll sometimes step away and give herself some space if she needs it. Her ability to establish boundaries that make her feel safe are instinctive and she never hesitates to follow her gut.

Always Be Listening

Her ears perk up at even the slightest sound because although she does like to talk, she’s always listening to what’s going on around her first and foremost. When someone’s voice cracks with emotion or she hears the telltale sniffle signaling that tears are about to fall, she quickly rushes over with an unassuming paw placed on your knee for comfort and that kind, earnest look in both her blue and brown eye.

Know When to Take a Time Out

When voices are raised in frustration or curse words thrown out in anger, she retreats to the bedroom and hides herself under the bed, removing and shielding herself from the sharp barbs of others’ painful emotional outbursts.

Maintain Your Sense of Loyalty

At the same time, she fiercely protects her people and won’t stand down until she’s sure the threat has passed. Her loyalty is without question and she quickly remembers those who’ve shown her loving affection in the past. Second chances are offered to most who make an honest effort by offering an olive branch in the form of a thoughtful treat.

Enjoy Every Moment

Each night she collapses with satisfied exhaustion after a day spent playing wholeheartedly with her friends and then thoroughly enjoying her dinner. She sleeps deeply and dreams frequently.

Yep, I could learn a lot from my girl. Thanks, Layla ❤️


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