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What Exactly is an Eclipse?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

by Jodi

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. ~ Buddha

Can you feel it? The sun, moon and planets are aligning in just such a way that there's a whole lot of intensity and a little bit of cRaZy energy happening all around us. We're about to experience our first eclipse of the year and it's during a New Moon. So, you might be wondering - what exactly is an eclipse?

What's Actually Happening? An eclipse occurs when the Earth is positioned to block the rays of the sun from the moon. To get a bit more background on the energetic aspects of this event, it's helpful to know that the sun is considered to embody masculine energy while the moon represents feminine energy. Each of us has a bit of both of these energies within us and they help to keep us energetically balanced. The qualities of feminine energy are similar to the qualities believed to be part of the right hemisphere of the brain while the masculine qualities are analogous to the left brain hemisphere.

Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

Amongst other characteristics, the left brain is believed to be where logic, analysis and reasoning originate while the right brain is the domain of passion, creativity and intuition. So, if the sun represents the rationality of the left hemisphere and its energy is being blocked by the Earth then our more emotional right brained tendencies which the moon is said to symbolize are taking the lead in the way that we experience the world around us and communicate with others.

Understanding the Black Moon

The appropriately named Black Moon we'll be experiencing later today is untempered by practical, strategic thinking leaving us free to express ourselves fully and boldly. It's a wonderful time to indulge in artistic endeavors and use the fullness of our hearts to pray for peace. However, it's probably not a good time to make life-changing decisions or any large purchases. Without our trusty left brain to weight the pros and cons for us, we could end up making some pretty impulsive decisions.

Manifesting Under a New Moon

Considering how much more intense this New Moon's energy is, it could be a great time to set some intentions or do a bit of manifesting to take advantage of the extra power available. Need some ideas? Check out this article from OprahDaily or visit Moonology's Manifesting Challenge with Yasmin Boland.

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