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Embracing Change - Even When It's Terrifying

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

by Erika

Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later. - Bob Goff

No Surprises Please

I'm not a fan of surprises. Even good ones. I run through every possible scenario of what can go wrong when something comes upon me abruptly and unexpectedly. I get anxious and start to sweat and shake a bit. I wring my hands and start to babble; more often than not - I run. I am, like most humans, a creature of habit, and surprises are not one of my habits.

Who Has Time for Change?

Recently the universe threw something in my path that, although I had been hoping for it, I was certainly not expecting it nor did I feel ready for it. True to form, my initial reaction was to block it in any way I could; deflect it by making a joke; dumb it down; create a reason to deny it; be too busy to deal with it…. anything I could think of to avoid being uncomfortable. I have a routine and freedom to do what I want when I want. Things are running like clockwork. I feel healthy, my world is safe, and I can rely on my routine and my tribe. Plus, change would be required to incorporate this surprise in my life, and who has time for all that?

Embracing the Unexpected

It turns out - I do. You see, before this universal curve ball was thrown my way, I was told something that had been tumbling around in my brain ever since. A dear friend told me, “Change is uncomfortable, but there is no growth without change.” Armed with that inspiration and my desire to be the best version of myself, I decided to try to embrace my surprise.

Facing Fear and Making Adjustments

It’s definitely scary and it takes effort and a lot of midnight meditations to keep the worries in check, but I find myself smiling more. I get to travel a bit and spend time with people that are dear to my heart. I spend more time enjoying the world around me. I'm seeing new landscapes and trying new foods. I feel connected and supported in a whole new way. It’s true, I've lost a bit of time for things in other areas of my life, but I find my people to be understanding about that. They see my happiness and want to see me grow just as much as I do. They are real friends – the kind that truly root for you. Although I realize it may not work out, and in fact may even hurt me - I find myself wanting to broaden my life for it. I believe that this is what's called embracing change.

Learning More About Yourself

The Universe – whatever your name for it is – knows what it's doing. Being uncomfortable is not an adversity. It's an opportunity to find out a little bit more about yourself and what you're capable of. How do we know who we are unless we try new things? Try to embrace change. You may be amazed at the kinds of things you can get used to.


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