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Developing Adult Friendships through the Retreat Experience

by Jodi

It's a lot easier to make friends when you're younger, because kids are a lot less judgmental than adults. They're more like, "O.K., let's be friends." Not, "So, what's your job?" "What's your marriage status?" - Natalie Portman

As adults, it’s often difficult to establish new friendships. Once we’re out of school our priorities shift as we begin to focus on our career or family or both. When we become parents, our children’s activities often dictate much of our social life for many years. Although we can sometimes find friendships through our work colleagues, job changes are much more common in today’s world making it difficult to keep up with work friends when we’re not seeing each week anymore. The shift into a remote work environment has compounded this issue even more. While working from home, or anywhere else we might be, can provide more convenience it takes away much of the social interaction gained from a group work space.  So, how do we find friends as adults?

Attending a retreat offers an incredible opportunity to get out of your everyday life and surround yourself with others interested in adventure, exploration and new experiences. Most of the retreats that I’ve attended over the past 9 or 10 years have allowed me to travel to new destinations, introduced me to lots of fun people and helped me forge a few strong friendships as well. Being a yoga enthusiast, I’ve gravitated towards retreats with yoga and meditation included in the itinerary. However, there are so many different retreats catering to a wide variety of interests. The retreats that I co-teach with other yoga colleagues allow us to blend our varied skill sets to offer a variety of activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, hiking, water activities and pickleball just to name a few. Plus, most retreats combine the excitement of travel and some quality exposure to nature’s abundant beauty.

Creating new adult friendships begins with learning more about yourself - who are you without your everyday habits and labels? What brings you joy and makes you feel relaxed and accepted? Why not take the time to learn something new? Explore new places, meet new people and most importantly get to know YOU. Gift yourself with a retreat today - I’d love to meet you!

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